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What Are Bonuses at Online Casinos?

Bonuses are incentives for online casino customers to sign up with an active account at a casino. They represent an opportunity for the player to obtain additional value for their participation at any one casino, by having the effect of ultimately adding to their playing bankroll.

In the highly competitive atmosphere that is the online casino world, there are many different bonus programs being offered. Therefore, the customer should be in a unique position to be able to capitalize on a "buyer's market" for bonuses. Simply put, if a casino's bonus scheme does not perform, it will not attract as many customers.

How do Bonuses at Online Casinos Work?

Online casino bonuses afford players extra money that matches what they have in terms of the bankroll that they are playing with. Usually this relates directly to the deposit that is made. A casino will match the amount of money that the customer has made in real cash to the tune of at least 50%, and more than likely it will be 100%. That means that when the requirements are met and the bonus is redeemed, the amount of the bonus will indeed be added to the player's account. Before the customer makes the initial deposit, or any deposit a bonus is applied, he or she knows what the bonus is, and what has to be done to realize it.

What are No-Deposit Bonuses and How do they Work?

While a bonus is usually made in conjunction with a deposit, there are certain offers that do not require a deposit. Usually the amount of bonus money that is put forth is rather small, or it involves a mechanism whereby the customer will have a chance to play the games without risk, with the chance to keep the amount of money that is won during that period. Ultimately though, in order to take advantage of a no-deposit bonus, a deposit will subsequently have to be made anyway. In this way the "no-deposit" bonus is actually a device that you can use to help you decide whether you are comfortable in playing at a particular casino.

What are Deposit Bonuses and How do they Work?

The way you would go about getting a deposit bonus at a casino is to start by shopping around for what you determine to be a good deal. Then, when you find one, decide how much money you want to deposit in an account. If you are at a casino that is offering a 100% match, the casino will match your initial deposit dollar-for-dollar up to a certain amount; say, $100 or maybe even $500. Then you will meet the wagering requirements, which we will talk about in a second, and when that is satisfied, you will be able to have that bonus added to your account. Deposit bonuses are not limited to your initial deposit; there are casinos that offer bonuses for subsequent deposits as well.

How Do Play-Through / Wagering Requirements Work?

When you receive a bonus from a casino, it's not a matter of that money simply appearing in your account. You actually have to qualify, and you do this by playing in the casino. Generally this "wagering requirement" will mandate that you make bets that equal a certain amount of money that is a multiple of the "deposit plus bonus" amount. If this multiple is 30 times, for example (expressed as "30x") and your deposit is $100, with a bonus of 100% (also $100), you would have to make $6000 worth of wagers in order for the bonus to be cashed. After that point, you can count on that money being placed into your real money account.

Cashout Restrictions and How They Work

Cashout restrictions roughly work like this: you could be moving along with your play at a rapid pace, pushing a lot of money across the table or through the slots (the wagering requirement for slots is usually less than that of table games). You are halfway to the wagering requirement. But that does not mean that you can cash half the bonus. Most casinos demand that the bonus requirements are completely met before any cashing is allowed. So your "restricted" account balance is whatever your deposit was, plus or minus what your table winnings or losses are at any given time, outside of any bonus money that is pending.