About Depositing at Online Casinos

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How to Deposit at Online Casinos

Depositing money into an account at an online casino is not all that involved a process. You will usually find a tab at the casino website that says "Cashier" or "Banking" or even "Deposit." Go there and you will find all the deposit methods that are allowed. Sometimes there are restrictions on this, depending on what jurisdiction you are in. You'll want to decide how you want to go; you might have a credit card or prefer to wire money to the casino. Many of them have the option of an electronic check, or, if you are squeamish about a casino being in possession of your financial details, you can choose to use an electronic wallet (also known as an "e-wallet") which serves as a conduit between yourself and the casino.

About Credit Card Depositing at Online Casinos

Any online casino you visit is going to take credit cards for deposits. Certainly the major credit cards can be utilized; this means Visa and MasterCard for most people in the world. Some will take Diner's Club or American Express, but those casinos would be in the minority. A word of caution for people who reside in the United States - credit card deposits can be difficult because of the UIGEA *Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), which restricts transactions that involve banks. Some online casinos will disguise the merchant code in order to make those payments go through, but some can't do so that easily. If you can use a credit card, it is probably the quickest and easiest way to go.

About Neteller Depositing at Online Casinos

Neteller has been a very popular method of depositing funds in online casinos for a very long time. This was once the case for U.S. customers, until the e-wallet was "raided" by the Justice Department and all accounts related to gaming were seized. Regardless, customers in other parts of the world find it to be a reliable e-wallet alternative, and it is efficient enough that many casinos offer a deposit bonus to those using Neteller. It is easy to set up and fund an account with them by debit card or credit card. In fact, it is virtually instantaneous. Bank transfers take a couple of days longer.

About Skrill Depositing at Online Casinos

Skrill used to be MoneyBookers, and is still recognized by that name in some places. It is all part of a re-branding initiative for this electronic payment service which has quite an international reach. There are many merchants around the world who accept payments for their goods and services through Skrill, and of course, you will find that most online casinos will accept it as well (though not for U.S. customers). Skrill accounts can be funded through credit or debit cards or through deposits that are made out of your bank account. In fact, you will need a bank account to sign up.

About uKash Depositing at Online Casinos

uKash is becoming more and more popular as a method to deposit casino funds from different places around the world. It is especially popular in Europe and the United Kingdom. When you take advantage of using uKash, you are not giving up any of your financial information to the casino; in fact, you just use a voucher and you can execute a transaction. The way they package it, customers use it as cash but are able to spend it online. It works very well for people who do not have a credit or debit card, or don't want to use one. The 19-digit code is all you need. uKash cannot be used by U.S. customers, but it is good in 55 countries.

About Click2Pay Depositing at Online Casinos

Click2Pay is also not available to U.S customers, but it is a nice alternative for everyone else. It is an electronic wallet that does not require you to turn around and reveal credit card or banking information directly to a casino, and that is something a lot of people like. It is widely accepted in the casino world. There is a small fee on receiving money, but the advantage is convenience in being able to pay many merchants, including online casinos, with a click or two. You can simply connect a credit or debit card to it in order to get set up, and generally you can get withdrawals through Click2Pay as well.