Microgaming Software Review

Microgaming Online Casino Software Review

Introduction to Microgaming Software

If you had to pick one company whose reputation is such that it is considered the "standard bearer" for all things in online casino software, it would have to be Microgaming, which is one of the pioneering outfits in the online gaming field, as well as the designers of some of the more elaborate software available to online casino players. To say there is one thing that Microgaming is best known for would be difficult, because at once it is the company that features the largest collection of online slot games, along with more table games than anybody else. It has the largest progressive jackpot network, and also offers more options in its games than anyone else.

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History of Microgaming Software

Microgaming began its life as an online casino software company as its own customer, in effect. It owned and operated one of the very first functional online casinos, back in 1994, but the company soon came to the realization that it could develop a better business model if it simply put their casino presence on the shelf and developed the kind of games that many, many casinos would license from them.

With more and more brands springing up to take advantage of the interest in online gambling, Microgaming found great success licensing its games to others, and they have continually led the way when it comes to innovation. This company is never stagnant; it is always rolling out new games and has many more in various stages of development.

About Their Online Slots Games

There is no company in the world that has more online slot games than Microgaming. It really isn't even close. In fact, when you look at the entirety of the collection, out of the 600 or so games that they have available for their clients, more than 400 of them are slots. So it stands to reason that there is going to be something for anyone and everyone's tastes.

There are different kinds of slot games, as you probably know, and when it comes to the variety, Microgaming can claim a large number of slots in the "classic" category, which is to say that they greatly resemble the "one-armed bandits" that slot games are traditionally known for. But there are also plenty of video slots and multiple-reel games that offer a lot of chances to win. On these games you can enable as many paylines as you want, and that also allows players to literally wager pennies, or large amounts, by "maxing out" the bet.

There are a number of great options Microgaming supplies with all of its slots. For example, there is a very useful option called "AutoPlay" that is tailor-made for those players who are going to make a consistent bet. You'd just set your wager and how many spins you want AutoPlay to last, and it will spin the reels automatically so that you don't even have to touch the game.

About Their Table Games

One of the philosophies that has made Microgaming a lot different from its competitors is the fact that the company believes that players like to have a host of choices, and they do their best to accommodate that desire. As a result, there are many variations to these games. They take special pride in their "Gold Series," which features classic games like blackjack and roulette in an elaborate setting and special attention to detail.

Obviously, Microgaming is careful to touch all the bases when it comes to the games that are traditional favorites, but if you are a blackjack aficionado you are going to find some unique pleasure here. If you are fortunate enough to be playing in a casino that has the full complement of Microgaming's offering, you are likely to be countered with two dozen different variations of blackjack. Just about everything is covered, including the Atlantic City and Vegas Strip versions of the game, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, and Double Exposure, in which the player can see both of the dealer's cards (with concessions, of course). You can play most of these games at different limits as well. That's the kind of variety Microgaming likes to promote.

About Their Other Games

One of the more popular games that is played in an online casino is that of video poker, and very few companies can approach Microgaming when it comes to putting together a selection of video poker games, variations and options. As you undoubtedly are aware if you have ever participated in video poker, there are many different games you can play, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and many others. Microgaming has every different kind of game imaginable, and on these games, you can actually play a hundred hands at once.

If you are a beginner at video poker, it might make you more comfortable to know that Microgaming has an option that can help you out. If you have no idea about video poker strategies, the program can literally play the hands for you, by making the suggestions as to which cards to hold onto on any given hand, not necessarily based on the best mathematical way to go, but a situation that puts you in a position to win something on the draw.

In many of the games it has designed, but particularly with slots, Microgaming has a progressive option, whereby a certain combination can enable a player to win a huge jackpot. This is done through the Microgaming Jackpot Network, which strings together a number of its client casinos to create sizable jackpot pools.