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What is Mobile Casino Gambling?

Mobile gambling is going to be a major component of the future of gambling in general, and it has already become a natural companion to online gambling. It involves customers being able to play certain casino offerings on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and may be set up in conjunction with an existing account. All signs point to the online casino community including a greater portion of its offerings to mobile customers. After all, it allows for play "on-the-go" and takes into consideration the fact that most people in this day and age have their phones or tablets with them most of the time.

Playing on Handset Devices (iPhone, Android and Blackberry)

How many people do you know who have smartphones? How many of those people let them out of their site during an average day? Not many. As these devices have taken on more and more functions, they have become an essential tool for day-to-day living. So it would stand to reason that if a casino operation wants to be where its customers are, they are going to have to adapt some of their product to that culture. And they have.

Microgaming, for one, has been very active here. They have developed a "swipe and tap" interface that is designed so that anybody can play games from their clients on a mobile device very easily. Playtech, a competitor of Microgaming, prides itself on being on the ground floor in many areas, and so they equip their clients with the ability to offer the games on the mobile platform while at the same time allowing them to use "one wallet." That is, they can play on their phones with the same account they can play on their computer. In other words, it is a rather seamless transition from one to the other and back again, which makes integration of the entire gaming experience easy and more efficient.

Playing on Tablet Devices (powered by Android & iOS)

Studies that have been done by Juniper Research, a form specializing in looking at the future of mobile, indicates that wagering on mobile devices, whether they be smartphones or tablets, will be greater than $100 billion by the year 2017, and that is an astounding figure. So it is mandatory that companies get involved with developing games that can be played on iPods and similar devices. Some of the tablets are powered by the Android platform, and Microgaming, as mentioned, has arranged it so that its games can be accommodated on the bigger screens, which can be more convenient for gambling. Net Entertainment, the Swedish company that is known within the industry as NetEnt, has developed a number of games, which all look great, which can be adapted to the iOS (Apple) devices.

As an interesting sidelight to all of this, there may soon be some additional markets for these software companies and their clients to serve. Recently in New Jersey, the state approved internet gambling, and customers will be allowed to actually play the casino's games on their tablets or other mobile devices, as long as they are within the grounds of the casino. With many states considering the move to legalization and regulation of online gambling, one can expect that the mobile gambling market will get even bigger as time progresses.